Relief teaching-what they didn’t teach you at University



Are you struggling to figure out what to put into your Relief Teaching Kit and, what to leave out? Can you confidently walk into any classroom and teach any grade or subject with the resource kit that you are currently using? Do you feel like you're going around in circles, not making progress? Oceanview Resources ® cuts through the stress and overwhelm and gives you a simple, step-by-step method to streamline your workload and build an engaging and practical resource kit for yourself. My range of courses will help you with many of the more challenging aspects of working as a Relief/Supply or Substitute Teacher

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  • What will I learn?
  • Professional Tips
  • Create an engaging and Comprehensive teaching Kit that will serve you well for years to come.
  • Write a winning Resume that will impress schools and executive staff.
  • Build Relationships

    • Staff • Students • Community • Parents • All community agencies

  • Stress Free Course

  • Complete at your own pace

  • Save money with the included resources in the modules

  • Transform yourself into the #1 requested Reliever at the schools of your choice


You want to build a range of resources for any grade, any school and for any time of year but feel overwhelmed by the whole thing? *You feel nervous about starting relief teaching… *You get anxious about the morning call from your Supply agency or that text from ClassCover *You want to feel confident to teach any grade or subject even if no planning is left…


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You can't find the TIME to work on your Resume or creating your resource kit.
  • You don't know where to start.
  • You feel stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated.
  • It feels like you'll never get your professional requirements covered



Would you like more free time?

Well now you can have it.

Wouldn't it be GREAT if there was a SIMPLE, EASY, SUREFIRE way to structure and build your Resource Kit while enjoying the process at the same time. Enjoy the liberating feeling of marking off your to do list, achieving your goals and work targets and being able to have resources and websites at your fingertips when it counts…in the classroom My simple, streamlined work process can help to take the stress out of completing all of your professional teaching requirements, from resume building to having a relief kit that will be the foundation stone of your resource creation in the future.


Simple tips and strategies to achieve these goals

Be Productive

Stop agonizing about what you are going to include in your relief teaching kit. My tips and strategies will help you to structure your lessons and activities so that your students will be engaged in meaningful and relevant lessons

Make your lessons shine so that executive staff members will be impressed and want to add you to their preferred list of relief teachers. Eliminate the overwhelming feeling of not being organised when you are invited to teach in a school

Create a lasting impression with your students and build relationships with them so that you can be the teacher that you have always wanted to be. Make a difference to the lives of the students that you will be working with.

Choose the courses that best suit your needs

Master Course for Relief Teachers
Additional Resources Bundle $400 worth of resources ready to go for only $100
Master Course and Relief Teacher MASSIVE BUNDLE

Affordable and easy to navigate, material and resources provided are able to be used universally across elementary and primary schools.


The Master Course is the basis of all the other courses, tailored to meet your financial needs. I understand how hard it can be to find the funds when you are starting out as a relief teacher.
To make these courses more accessible for you, I am offering a discount on the Master Course and the Additional Course Bundle if you decide to take any of the paid courses on offer.

The Additional Bundle is essentially not a course, but a way of building your resource kit on a budget. For a small investment of only $100 you will get in excess of $400 worth of resources. I have included plenty of bonus resources in all components of each course- even the free one.

You will get clear information in every module of each chapter

You will plan effective and engaging materials for your students in your relief teaching kit

Ideal for any teacher undertaking relief teaching for the first time (It may be you are moving from permanent to relief or that you are a new graduate) Be the relaxed relief teacher that you want to be!! Enjoy your free time with your family, knowing that you have your ‘bases covered’ and are ready to take on any teaching role.

See you on the inside

Nikki Tester


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