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10 Drawer Rolling Cart Labels | COLORFUL GARDEN DESIGN I Teacher Trolley

10 Drawer Rolling Cart Labels | COLORFUL GARDEN DESIGN I Teacher Trolley

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⭐⭐Keep organized and brighten your room at the same time with these beautiful, calming COLOURFUL GARDEN DESIGN themed trolley labels ⭐⭐


⭐These labels are created to fit the 10- 12 drawer rolling carts that many teachers use to keep organized. In the US they are available from Michael’s and in Australia they can be bought in Kmart or Spotlight stores.

⭐There are two styles, one with rectangular labels, the other to use with those drawers that are angled slightly at the sides. Included in the pack are 3 differerent font styles so that you can use the set that best suits your aged group. The fonts that I have used are included in the pack. If you don't have them installed on your computer, I have provided a link to the stores should you want to buy them.

APL Big Mama

APL Heart Eyes

AG Taco Tuesday

I included some already made labels (These are just the labels that I used and thought I needed), but I have included a set of editable labels in each design. I have also included the fonts that I used in the following slide.


PDF Version: Simply download the file, print using a colored printer, cut and laminate for durability. Printing on cardstock also helps to make them last longer. Attach your signs to the drawers using double sided tape, glue gun or blutak. In some trolley designs, you may need to put a hole in the sign for the drawer knob to be reattached after the sign has been applied.


These made to measure labels are EDITABLE which means you can type in your desired text to suit your individual organisational needs. You will need to have Microsoft Powerpoint installed on your computer to open and edit this file.

Once unzipped from the download file, open the PowerPoint and in order to use the same font it must be installed onto your machine. A set of blanks is provided for you to create and entire set using the font of your choice. Simply duplicate the slides and edit the text boxes with your desired fonts and labels. You can bold your font, increase or decrease the size, underline… the freedom is yours.

When finished, print the slides that you need, or save all as jpeg files and then print each individually as needed

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